Get More Leads

Your company website should have one goal, to generate more business. If it’s not reaching that goal we can help. 

Get More Leads

Match content to the buyer’s journey

By offering content that matches the buyer’s journey, you are able to better identify when your prospects are ready to buy. Your website can be a digital sales funnel that walks prospects through to conversion. That results in leads that are highly qualified and sales-ready.

Engaging calls-to-action

The call to action is either text, an image or a button that gets the prospect to take the next step. That next step is usually to go to the landing page where they will submit their contact information. The call to action should be clear, direct and reinforce the benefit they get when they take the action.

Valuable offers

When someone is deciding whether to give you their contact information they weigh the value proposition, just as they do with any purchase or transaction. Is what I’m getting worth what I’m giving up? You need to make sure that what you’re offering has value to your prospect to get them to move forward.


Landing pages that get conversions

The landing page has one job – get the prospect to fill in the form and click the button. Landing pages can vary in how they look and are laid out. But they need to be focused on getting that form filled out. Testing landing pages is essential to success. Sometimes a simple change of color on the page can make a huge difference in the rate at which prospects fill out your form.

Forms that work

You can’t collect a lead without a form. The shorter your form, the more responses you’ll get. Your form should be instantly understandable. Use the title of your form to reinforce a user benefit. Tell them what they’re getting in exchange for their contact information. Don’t get in the way of capturing that lead with a bad form.

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