Inbound Marketing

The internet has changed how people buy. We used to depend on advertising and salespeople to educate us about purchases. Now, every purchase is researched by the buyer and the buyers now have control of the sales process.

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Inbound Marketing Puts You In Front of Buyers When They’re Ready to Buy

Inbound marketing puts you in front of buyers when THEY are ready to buy and that gets you more highly qualified leads.


Identify who your ideal customer is and attract them by writing helpful quality content for them in your blog. Interact with them via social media, using relevant keywords and engaging website copy will ensure quality visitors who are looking for your services.

Tools for the Attract stage include blogging, SEO, keyword research, social media and website optimization.


Use content to identify when a prospect is ready to buy and create powerful calls-to-action and offers along with high-quality landing pages and forms that will convert visitors to leads and move your leads into the sales funnel to become customers.

Tools for the Convert stage include landing pages, calls-to-action, strong relevant offers, and effective forms.


Once you have generated leads you need to turn them into customers by developing workflows and utilizing marketing automation to nurture your leads and walk them through the sales funnel so that you end up with highly qualified sales-ready leads.

Tools for the Close stage include email marketing, lead nurturing workflows, lead scoring and marketing automation.


After you have closed a customer, you can turn them into a promoter for your company. The way to do this is to answer their questions, solve their problems and help them reach their goals. As you develop your relationship with your customer they will begin to promote you to their circle of contacts.

Tools for the Delight state include email newsletters, and social media and how you can include them in special opportunities for customers only.

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