Increase Website Traffic

When your website is properly targeted to your ideal prospects it is not only easier to attract people to your site but it’s also easier to convert those visitors into leads. We employ a five-step process to help generate more traffic to your business website. 

Increase Website Traffic

Deep dive keyword research

In order to know how people search for your products and services it’s important to do the research. We often uncover new keywords that have great opportunity. Plus keyword research allows us to focus on the keyword themes that people actually use. When you can focus on keywords that have decent search volumes with less competition, it’s easier to rank higher and increase your overall website visibility.

Optimize website’s HTML

Technical SEO is major part of the search engines’ evaluation of the pages of your website. We make sure that your site’s code is optimized to make you more visible online. Factors like the URL, Title Tag, H1 tags are compared to the content of your page and if they are all optimized your page can rank higher for the relevant searches. We also be utilizing schema code to help Google better understand your business and your location.

Create targeted content

In order to attract your targeted prospect to your website, you need to create content that answers the questions they are asking. Create content hubs that focus on the content keyword themes that you created Focus on solution subjects and pain point subjects. These topics are excellent top-of-the-funnel content that will attract your target prospect.

Maximize impact of your social media

Social media activity has multiple benefits that will help you increase website traffic. In order to be successful with social media, you have to deliver value to your followers, that will help you with organic growth. When you deliver content that they find valuable, they will share it with their followers. We put together social media strategies that get influencers to share your content and thereby grow your reach and visibility.

Targeted PPC Advertising

Using highly targeted pay per click advertising on Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram can be an effective way to quickly generate some leads. PPC advertising is a great way to grow an email list, give away a free ebook, or even generate direct sales for your business. A customized strategic PPC advertising plan is targetable and trackable all the way through to conversion. So you know your exact ROI.

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