Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making your business website site more visible when your ideal prospect is searching for you and ready to buy. That is why we focus on making sure that your website is targeted to and attracts your ideal prospect.

That makes you more visible and drives more business. We build a customized white hat SEO strategy that follows the rules and ensures your website will never get penalized by Google.

SEO - search engine optimization

How SEO works

Search engine optimization works by ensuring that your website is set up to work well with the search engines. The technical HTML that makes up your site, your website’s content, and off-site factors all contribute to how visible your site is in search.

Define your target prospect

Before you do anything it is crucial that you have a well-defined picture of your ideal prospect. When you have a well-defined target you can uncover how they search for your product or services. When you uncover their pain points and the symptoms of their problem, you can attract them to your website.

Keyword research

We do deep-dive keyword research to identify the keyword themes that your prospects use to find your solutions. As the search engines get smarter they are starting to understand the meaning of words, so we work in keyword themes. Our keyword themes consist of multiple phrases that mean about the same thing.

Technical SEO

There are certain elements of your website’s HTML code that are evaluated by the search engines. We analyze these elements and optimize them for the targeted search keywords for that page of your site. We work with you or your web developers to make the necessary changes to make your site more search engine friendly.

Off-Site SEO

Inbound links are still an important search engine ranking factor. Links can be generated in many ways, but you have to be careful because spam links can kill your website’s search visibility. We build relevant links through citation building (think online phone books), analyzing who is linking to your competition, and identifying opportunities to have your content published on other websites.

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